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Disability Insurance

Protect one of your most valuable assets...your paycheck!

Everyone working expects they can continue working no matter what . . . but what if you can’t? Disability insurance can help during times of unexpected injury or illness. Being caught in a situation of not being able to work to support you or your family is not where anyone wants to be.  Disability insurance can help you through those difficult times.


The  easiest way to understand disability insurance is to think of it as disability  income insurance or income on your paycheck, which is actually what it  is. It does not pay a doctor, hospital or nursing home. Instead it provides you  with up to about 70% of your income in the event that you should be come unable to work.


Individuals who are self-employed or whose employers do not provide disability insurance must look to an individual disability insurance plan to protect their paycheck. Don’t get caught without an ability to earn a living without having this valuable coverage!

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