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Medicare Services

Obtaining reliable and affordable health insurance is a concern for everyone but probably no group of people is more affected by the rising costs of health care than seniors. Medicare provides a great benefit to senior citizens and cover many basic aspects of health insurance for seniors. However, these programs are not without their costs.


Basic Medicare (Medicare Part A) as it is obtained through the government does not cost anything as far as monthly premiums are concerned. However, Medicare Part A which is the plan that seniors are immediately enrolled in when eligible without any monthly payment is very limited in what it will pay for, and also has many out of pocket expenses such as deductibles and co-payments. This plan can leave seniors with very heavy debts if they fall ill or need long term care.


Another plan that Tennessee residents can enroll in with their Medicare office is Medicare Part B. this plan covers far more services and also extends coverage to home care and accessories such as wheel chairs, long term care and treatments such as dialysis. Medicare Part B is not a free plan and does require a monthly payment that is deducted from your current social security check. Even with those payments there will still be deductibles that need to be paid before any payments kick in, and after that there are still co-payments for every service.


Medicare also has additional Medicare supplemental plans that are handled by private insurance companies to provide excellent health insurance for seniors. These policies range from Medicare Part C (Medicare Advantage), Medigap, and Medicare Part D. Medigap helps to provide payments to cover the existing gaps in Medicare plans as well as deductibles and co-payment costs. The only plan that covers prescription medicines is Medicare Part D seniors need to be aware of this and make sure it is included in any of their Medicare supplement programs.


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