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Group Health Insurance

Health insurance can be the third highest cost to employers, after inventory and payroll. Our commitment to our clients is to work diligently to find the health insurance program that gives their employees the best benefits possible at the best cost to the employer.


We offer a complete range of health insurance plans including:


Fully-Insured Plans – These plans are purchased directly from insurance companies. The insurance company assumes the full risk for all medical expenses incurred by the employees covered by the plan.


Self-Funded Plans – These plans can provide many cost, tax and operational advantages for mid-size and large companies. In these plans, the employer assumes the risk associated with medical expenses incurred by the employees covered by the plan. Typically, “stop loss” insurance is purchased in conjunction with these plans to place a limit on the employer’s exposure for medical expenses.


Health Savings Accounts - spending and savings account with limited cash requirements; tax savings for both employer and employees; can be offered in cafeteria plan.


Health Reimbursement Arrangements – reduce premium costs in combination with high-deductible health plan or FSA to help cover out-of-pocket expenses. Learn More Flexible Spending Accounts – increase employee take home pay and reduce your contribution via pre-tax deductions.

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